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Citrus Plumbing Offers Quick Fix for Garbage Disposal Problems

Citrus Plumbing Offers Quick Fix for Garbage Disposal Problems
Most homeowners tell us how much they love their garbage disposals. That is, of course, until something goes wrong. At Citrus Plumbing, our experienced technicians are ready to make an emergency call to handle a wide range of common garbage disposal issues. It’s always a smart idea to get professional plumbing help whenever a garbage disposal unit fails to operate properly.

A jammed garbage disposal, in which something gets caught between the impellers and the shredding ring, ranks high on the list of problems we can tackle for you. Disconnected hose clamps and damaged hoses can cause your disposal to leak, but our plumbers can easily replace faulty hoses. If the disposal doesn’t operate at all, that lack of humming may be due to a lack of power. It may be time to replace the operating switch or the disposal unit itself, or time to call an electrician.

Another common problem that affects efficient garbage disposal operation is a clogged drain. Our technician can get those clogged pipes cleared quickly. And if the garbage disposal blades aren’t turning at all, don’t stick your fingers or any tools into the chute! Call Citrus Plumbing for fast, affordable and efficient garbage disposal help.

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