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Inspect Old Pipes

There are several plumbing problems that can occur in your home that will require the services of a knowledgeable plumber. While Florida does have year-round warm temperatures, the pipes in a building can still become corroded after many years. When the exterior water pipes are covered by the standing water from a hurricane, the devices begin to rust, leading to a broken pipe that will spill hundreds of gallons of water. If you notice that a pipe inside or outside your home is leaking droplets of water, then call our plumbing company right away.

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It is important to remember that if you have an older home in Florida, then the pipes will degrade after approximately 20 years. Make sure to examine the pipes that are underneath the sinks, but also, you should check the drywall floors and ceilings to see if there is any water damage from leaking pipes. In addition, if you hear a dripping noise inside the walls, then it can indicate that

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Sink Clogs and Broken Garbage Disposal Blades

Sink Clogs and Broken Garbage Disposal Blades

After the holiday season ends, you may notice several plumbing problems in your home. If you have had multiple overnight guests at your home, then you may notice that the bathtub or bathroom sinks are draining slowly. This is often caused by a buildup of long hair strands in the drainage system, or alternatively, someone may have used beauty care products that have created a gummy clog in the pipes. If running warm water through the drains won’t dislodge a thick clog, then you will need to contact a plumber who has special tools.

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In addition to problems with the drains in the bathrooms, you may have a malfunctioning garbage disposal in the kitchen. During the holidays, you may have cooked a lot of greasy foods, leading to a thick grease clog in the pipe underneath the kitchen sink. Some of your Christmas dinner guests may have placed eggshells or bones in the garbage disposal, and the sharp bl

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