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Prevention Tips

Help protect your pipes by turning on cold water when you are draining the water off pasta and vegetables.

Citrus Plumbing of Venice understands the strain that plumbing issues can have on your wallet.

We have included prevention tips for those times you are not able to contact us.

  • Do not put coffee grounds, grease, or debris down the sink.
  • Proceed with caution with chemical cleaners; some caustic chemicals can corrode metal pipes.
  • Clean floor drain strainers. These strainers can easily be cleaned using a bent wire to clear out accumulated debris.
  • Make sure to clean pop-up stoppers in the bathroom sink and tub once a week.
  • If tree roots are a problem, make sure to keep sewer pipes clear. Call a professional once a year to ensure that the pipes are clear.
  • Make sure flush the drain-waste and vent systems by running water from a hose into all vents.

If you find yourself in a situation that you need a plumber right away - contact us at 941-484-4990. We would be happy to help you out!

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